Welcome to Threadster Group, a company at the front of the revival of British manufacturing. Based in the South of England, Threadster Group prides itself on employing local people to create premium goods that are then stocked and shipped around the world.


Threadster Group was founded to create an economical and responsible manufacturing force that cares about more than just profit. We want to revive British craftsmanship, despite the extra costs. We want to train a new generation, despite the huge competition. We want to make a big impact on the world, but not the environment.

Our Ethos

The Threadster Principles

The Threadster Brands:

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Our History

and where we are today

Threadster Group was born in 2012 when forces were combined to create a premium manufacturing and e-commerce brand, Mrs Bow Tie. Andy Evans, who had recently returned from working in New York City as a branding consultant to receive treatment for stage 4 cancer (don't worry he beat it), saw a seamstress making bow ties and realised their was a big gap in the market for an accessories brand that not only sold goods, but made them too. He teamed up with her to launch Mrs Bow Tie, and three years later, Mrs Bow Tie has quickly grown from a small venture to a successful online retailer.

Now distributing worldwide, they were forced to move to bigger factories four times in three years and invest in bigger and better machinery in order to cater for their new found demand. In 2015, The Threadster Group merged two of their other brands, Mr Skinny and The Grooms Company into Mrs Bow Tie, while their premium dog collars trading under Mrs Bow Tie Pets was relaunched as part of new luxury petwear brand Dober & Dasch.

Our Services

Corporate Wear Design & Manufacture

Corporate Wear

Print Design

Pattern & Print Design Services

Fabric Printing

Small & Large Digital Print Runs

Threadster Group is proud to manufacture garments for businesses around the world, from hotels to bars, restaurants to banks. We can’t mention any names, but rest assured we provide uniform pieces for some of the most luxurious brands in retail, banking and hospitality around the world.

With in-house designers, we offer a white label design service for companies without their own designers but wanting custom designs for their products. As experts in the textile industry, we'll help ensure your ideas work perfectly within the capabilities of the materials you intend to use.

With a low minimum order, we offer a competitive fabric printing service that allows small and independent businesses to have designs printed to meet their requirements. We may not make the goods, but we can supply you with the material to have your ideas come to life.

Customer Focus

Without a doubt, our biggest priority is our customers. We want to ensure that our customers aren’t just getting amazing products, but are getting amazing service too. We pride ourselves on delivering a first class experience, from the ease of the website to the wonderful presentation of our packaging.

British Manufacturing

After the demise of British manufacturing in the 1970s, it is finally seeing a comeback. We ensure that everything that can be made in Britain will be made in Britain, even if we have to outsource something (such as our packaging). Not only does is strengthen our own economy, but it ensures that we are giving you a product we have produced ourselves.

While we aim to make an impact on the British manufacturing and fashion industries, we don’t want to leave an impact on our planet. As an eco-friendly company, we try to operate a paper-free head office, have a firm recycling policy and donate all of our scrap materials to our local Scrapstore - an organisation that reuses wastage for community child projects. 

The Threadster Group employs people with a range of experience and skills, ignoring age or “lack of qualifications” and employing people based on their abilities. We don’t care if you have a degree in fashion or self-taught yourself how to sew, if you can bring something to the company, we’re happy to welcome you on board.

The Next Generation

Helping Our Planet

Our Team

Our Average Age is 27

We're a well travelled bunch

We drink lots of tea

Our team are a diverse group of people with a multitude of experience and skills. Our team range across a number of demographics. Take a look at these stats to get to know us more.

We have diverse music tastes



We're mostly dog people

We have  worked with Threadster over the past 2 years on accessories to compliment our international bespoke uniforms service. Simply put, they are creatively the easiest company to work with, amazingly efficient on turnaround, consistently producing high quality products that cannot be bettered anywhere in the UK.  As for service and delivery, Andy and team give even Amazon a run for their money.


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